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DiATOME cryo diamond knives

The range of DiATOME cryo diamond knives are available in 1.5mm to 4.0mm edge lengths and three knife angles with or without a boat. They provide proven performance for challenging applications, such as frozen hydrated sections (CEMOVIS) with minimal compression as well as sectioning by the Tokuyasu method for immunolabelling and sectioning soft material specimens. For light microscopy applications please see the histo range of cryo knives.

For trimming at low temperature we recommend a choice of DiATOME  trim knives.

cryo  knives can be resharpened multiple times using the DiATOME resharpening service.

Ordering information:

cryo Immuno knives for Tokuyasu method

cryo 25 knife for CEMOVIS method

cryo trim knives for low temperature trimming

cryo knives for low temperature sectioning

cryo 35° wet

cryo 45° wet

cryo 35° dry

histo Cryo knives for light microscopy

histo cryo wet (with boat)

histo cryo dry (without boat)