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Eucentric 5 axis stage

The Kleindiek NanoTechnik E5AT eucentric stage is a five-axis positioning tool especially designed to allow tilting of specimens to ±90 deg while allowing unlimited rotation of the specimen and keeping the area of interest at the eucentric position.

Kleindiek E5AT eucentric stage:

  • Five-axis movement around the eucentric point
  • Highly precise positioning tool
  • High accuracy with minimal drift
  • No backlash or reversal play

Applications include:

  • Electron Channel Contrast Imaging (ECCI)
  • Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
  • Tomography
  • Nanofabrication
  • Any SEM or FIB application that requires eucentric repositioning of specimens

The system comprises a small four-axis substage mounted on a tilting platform. The substage offers a range of 10mm by 10mm in the X and Y directions and 3mm in the Z direction. Additionally, the rotational axis allows unlimited rotation of the specimen through 360 degrees. The tilting platform is fitted with a positional encoder with a resolution of 0.1 degrees.

Part number: LT-E5AT-00, LT-E5AT-02

Substage with 10 mm travel in X and Y, 3 mm travel in Z, unlimited travel in R mounted on a tilting platform. The tilting platform allows ±90° tilt and is equipped with an encoder with 0.2° resolution. The system includes control electronics, a joypad, PC software, a vacuum flange, a vacuum feedthrough and an operator’s handbook.

  • Dimensions: Length 72 mm – Width 50 mm – Height 44 mm
  • Travel: X and Y = 10 mm
  • Travel: Z = 3 mm
  • Travel: R = 360 deg (unlimited) – optionally with encoder
  • Travel: T = +- 90 deg, with encoder
  • Absolute accuracy: T < 0.2 deg (3×10-3 rad)
  • Absolute accuracy: R < 0.2 deg (3×10-3 rad), if R-encoder is configured
  • Repeatablity: T < 0.03 deg (4×10-4 rad)
  • Resolution: Linear axes < 0.5 nm
  • Resolution: Rotational axes < 6×10-6 deg (10-7 rad)
  • Speed: up to 1 mm/s
  • Resolution: < 0.5 nm
  • Cartesian movement
  • Drift < 1.5 nm/min
  • No backlash or reversal play
  • Coarse and fine displacement in one drive
  • Virtually insusceptible to vibrations

All technical specifications are approximate. Due to continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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Kleindiek E5AT eucentric stage