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Glass Petri dishes

Micro-Tec borosilicate glass Petri dishes for specimen preparation and microscopy applications. They are made from chemically resistant, low expansion, heat resistant and highly transparent borosilicate glass. Ideal for sample preparation, mixing of small volumes, melting of wax, and for sorting and sifting. Borosilicate glass is also known under the brand names Pyrex and Duran. Micro-Tec borosilicate Petri dishes are available in four sizes: 60, 75, 90 and 120mm diameter complete with lid. Sold individually.

Features of Micro-Tec borosilicate Petri dishes:

  • Heat resistant to 500°C
  • High chemical resistance
  • Clear transparent glass
  • Complete with lid
  • Ideal for microscopy sample preparation

Dimensions of Micro-Tec borosilicate Petri dishes:

Product # Size Dish ID / OD Lid ID / OD Int. height Total height
52-008060 Ø60mm Ø53 / 58mm Ø61 / 65mm 14mm 19mm
52-008075 Ø75mm Ø70 / 75mm Ø78 / 82mm 16mm 20mm
52-008090 Ø90mm Ø86 / 90mm Ø94 / 98mm 16mm 20mm
52-008120 Ø120mm Ø118 / 122mm Ø126 / 131mm 20mm 26mm


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