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R221 resin for CLEM

High contrast embedding resin for volume CLEM (100ml bottle). Volume electron microscopy (vEM) and correlative light and electron microscopy are two major techniques for exploring living material.

A sample prepared for volume EM normally requires heavy metal staining that neutralizes the fluorescence required for high precision correlation post-embedding.

R221 developed by CryoCapCell provides high EM contrast at very low concentrations of stain in biological material, allowing preservation of fluorescence from the living sample while displaying fine contrast at high magnification in EM. Consisting of low temperature, low oxygen embedding material, it is ideally used in combination with vitrification by high-pressure freezing to get close to native ultrastructure with in-resin fluorescence imaging techniques.

For guidelines of use and SDS please download the pdf: R221 resin.

Check out the video below for a tomography example.

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