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Stubs in Really Robust boxes

The great new way to buy, use and store your SEM pin stubs

 Really Robust Stub Storage Box:

  • A stackable storage solution for stubs; before and after use
  • A robust box to keep your stubs clean and protected
  • Environmentally friendly – no more stubs in plastic bags
  • Helps to organise your SEM stub preparation workspace

Users tell us that their stub boxes, made from styrene, are continually prone to cracking and breakage.

The Really Robust Box is manufactured from strong recyclable polypropylene (PP) providing an ideal storage solution for SEM stubs.

Really Robust stub storage boxes and additional inserts can be purchased to build a scaleable storage solution for your SEM stubs. Really Robust Stub boxes and inserts can also be used for Jeol cylinder stubs with 9.5 or 12.2mm diameter.

The low cost insert enables your Really Robust Box to safely hold and store your important SEM specimens on their stubs; 12 x 12.7mm stubs, 6 x 25.4mm stubs


Up to 12 x 12.5mm pin stubs

Up to 6 x 25mm pin stubs

Stubs are firmly held even when tipped upside down

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