Live Cell Imaging

Reduce cellular stress, reduce your stress

Live cell imaging can be stressful for cells. Taking them out of the incubator to image on a conventional microscope can lead to a drop in temperature and change in gas environment. This process is also labour intensive, particularly when images need to be captured at night, which can result in gaps in the data captured.

Lumascopes are compact and incredibly durable digital inverted microscopes that are designed to withstand the rigours of long-term incubator use. They allow you to capture timelapse images and video without user involvement. This also allows cells to remain in the incubator or workstation during the imaging process providing them with a stable environment.

Etaluma produce a range of Lumascope models from brightfield only to 3 colour fluorescence with full automation.

Model Summary

Lumascope 460 – Brightfield with optional phase contrast

Lumascope 560 – Green fluorescence, brightfield and optional phase contrast

Lumascope 620 – Three colour fluorescence, brightfield and optional phase contrast

Lumascope 720 – Automated X/Y/Z stage, three colour fluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast

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