Lumascope 620

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Digital three colour fluorescence imaging system

An advanced brightfield and three colour fluorescence system with optional phase contrast capability. Advanced optical engineering and monochrome CMOS sensor provide high quality images from slides, microplates, flasks and dishes.


  • High sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • Three colour fluorescence with no pixel shift
  • Semrock Brightline Pinkel filter set optimised for 405, 488 and 594 nm excitation and compatible with common fluorophores including BFP, DAPI, FITC, Fluo-4, GFP and mCherry
  • Compact design (24 cm W x 17.5 cm D x 16.5 cm H)
  • Lumaview PC software included for intuitive operation
  • USB connection to a PC for control and power (no need for a separate power adaptor)
  • Accessible deck allows users to easily swap objectives, all of which use a standard RMS thread
  • Optional phase contrast accessory for enhanced imaging of unstained samples and manual XY stage