Microvolume UV-Vis (NanoDrop) Products

The Original Micro-volume Spectrophotometer

Since their launch in 2001, the NanoDrop spectrophotometers have been an essential part of the lab. NanoDrop instruments have the following main benefits:

  • Xenon or LED light sources with no need for warm-ups and a long service life
  • Direct measurement using surface tension to retain the sample, removing the need for cuvettes or proprietary consumables
  • Dilution free measurements for greater accuracy and a more efficient workflow
  • Microlitre volumes to save precious samples
  • Automatic calculation of concentration and purity ratios

The NanoDrop One and Eight models use innovative Acclaro technology to identify and correct for common contaminants in nucleic acid and protein samples. This helps to minimise expensive and time-consuming failures in downstream applications.

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