NanoDrop QC

A microvolume spectrophotometer designed for the rapid analysis of chemicals and liquid polymers. Develop chemometric methods using TQ Analyst and then run them on the NanoDrop QC, giving a pass or fail result


NanoDrop QC brings a new approach to the analysis of liquids. Traditional methods require substantial hands on time to prepare, dilute and measure the samples. The data then needs to be subsequently analysed by skilled technicians.

NanoDrop QC minimises the hands-on time required. Results are available in under 10 seconds, with pass/fail and even quantitative data presented to the operator at the time of measurement. Component analysis data can then be exported with ease.

NanoDrop QC Brochure

NanoDrop QC User Guide


Auto-ranging pathlengths – Measure concentrated samples (up to 550A) without the need for dilution. Quantify as little as 0.5 microlitres of sample.

Develop chemometric methods – Develop chemometric methods offline using TQ Analyst. Deploy the methods to multiple NanoDrop QC instruments around the world.

Run on-board analysis – Achieve pass/fail and even quantitative chemometric analysis  at the time of sample measurement

Streamlined workflow – Pipette, measure and wipe. Direct measurement without cuvettes. Reduce solvent usage, saving both money and the need for specialist disposal.