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PC controlled blot imaging system

For researchers primarily focussed on chemiluminescent imaging, the Solo-S is an excellent platform. Sharing camera technology with the Fusion FX, the Solo-S utilises a smaller cabinet and manual lens controls, to provide uncompromised sensitivity at a lower pricepoint. It can however still be upgraded for gel documentation and fluorescence blot imaging if application needs change.


  • Choice of 16 bit CCD cameras (eVo-6: 6MP -55°C maximum cooling or DarQ-9: 4MP -90°C maximum cooling).
  • Custom designed fixed lens with market leading f0.7 maximum aperture and manual lens controls
  • All metal cabinet construction and Smart Darkroom technology (motorised 7 position filter wheel, automatic lighting control)
  • Licence-free PC software with 3D dynamic scan, molecular weight calculation and band quantification
  • Slide out tray for plug and play addition of a transilluminator PAD
  • Optional Spectra Capsule Adaptor and Spectra Capsules for fluorescence blot imaging

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