NanoDrop Eight

Next generation 8 sample microvolume spectrophotometer with advanced contaminant ID features

The new Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Eight spectrophotometer enables users to quantify eight microvolume samples at a time whilst identifying and correcting for common contaminants

Quantify 8 samples in 20 seconds or less and a whole 96 well plate in under 6 minutes

Sample Quality
Advanced Acclaro technology identifies and corrects for key contaminants in both nucleic acid and protein samples, including mammalian DNA/RNA differentiation

Intuitive Operation
Familiar pipette, measure and wipe workflow. Auto blank and measure when lowering sample arm. Ergonomic ambidextrous pipetting with moveable pipetting guide. Sample position illuminator highlights the samples to load

Pharma Ready
Powerful new PC control software allows easy data export into industry leading LIMS packages. Optional SciVault software allows compliance with 21 CFR part 11

Microvolume Analysis
Quantify as little as 1 microlitre. Auto-ranging pathlengths allow you to measure up to 10,000 ng/ul dsDNA without the need for dilution


Minimum Sample Size – 1 microliter

Path Length – 0.1, 0.2 and 1 mm (Auto-ranging)

Light Source -Xenon flash lamp

Wavelength Range – 190-850 nm

Wavelength Accuracy – 1 nm

Absorbance Precision – 0.003 absorbance ( 1mm path)

Absorbance Accuracy – 3% (at 0.97 absorbance at 302 nm)

Maximum Concentration – 10,000 ng/ul (dsDNA) 300 mg/ml BSA / 145 mg/ml IgG

Dimensions (footprint) – 24 x 33 cm

Weight – 3.7 kg

Operating Voltage – 12 Vdc

Operating Power Consumption – 3 W at idle, 15 W in use

  • Perfect for high throughput UV-Vis spectroscopy. Quantify as little as 1 ul sample
  • Measure up to 8 samples at a time
  • Broad dynamic range (2 – 10,000 ng/ul dsDNA) means no need to dilute your samples
  • Automatic calculation of sample concentration and purity ratios for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA samples
  • Spectral scans provide information about potential contaminants and help to improve overall sample quality
  • Acclaro sample intelligence technology identifies and corrects for common contaminants (protein, guanidine salts and phenol)
  • Mammalian DNA/RNA differentiation with concentration correction

TN53448-NanoDrop-Eight-dsDNA Performance Data

  • This 8 channel spectrophotometer can quantify as little as 2 ul of your protein samples
  • Protein A280 module for accurate quantification of purified proteins
  • Coefficients stored for common protein standards or enter your own
  • Broad dynamic range (0.06 – 300 mg/ml BSA) removes the need for dilutions
  • Identify and correct for nucleic acid contamination in your purified protein samples using chemometrics
  • UV-Vis module allows A205 measurements to be carried out for peptides or proteins lacking tryptophan or tyrosine residues


  • PC controlled system
  • Utilise Windows logins for access control
  • Customise user preferences and data handling for individual users
  • Import sample ID lists, manually name samples using a keyboard or use barcodes
  • Format data exports to include absorbance data, report data or both
  • Export data in a range of formats including .csv and .tsv
  • Data formats compatible with leading LIMS platforms for easy integration
  • Set a directory for data export and then get your LIMS to sweep this folder for archiving
  • Optional SciVault software allows compliance with 21 CFR part 11
  • Install SciVault onto a central computer to control privileges and view audit logs across multiple NanoDrop Eight instruments in different labs