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DiATOME diamond knife exchange scheme

DiATOME‘s diamond knife exchange scheme enables you to  exchange a knife from any manufacturer for a DiATOME diamond knife of your choice. This scheme can be used to exchange types of diamond knife that you no longer use for a new type.

Please note that if you have a DiATOME diamond knife that you still use it can be resharpened multiple times. See our resharpening service for further details.

Diamond knife exchange – How it works:

Select the type and size of the DiATOME diamond knife you require from the options below and then request a quotation inclusive of carriage from us. Provide us with a purchase order and send the knife you want to use for the exchange to the address below. We will then supply your new knife within the quoted delivery period.

Labtech International Limited  Mytogen House, 11 Browning Road, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8DB, UK.

Select a knife from the lists below and request a quotation for the knife of your choice

ultra35, ultra45, cryo immuno, histo and histo jumbo

Ordering information:

DiATOME ultra knives 35 degree exchange

DiATOME ultra knives 45 degree exchange

DiATOME cryo exchange

DiATOME cryo histo and histo jumbo exchange