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Cryo grid boxes

Good quality grid boxes are essential for efficient storage of vitrified specimens on cryo TEM grids in liquid nitrogen dewars. CGB4 cryo EM grid box from SWISSCI have been developed in collaboration with Dr. Jan Löwe at the MRC laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge.

CGB4 cryo grid boxes have a number of key advantages over traditional cryo grid boxes:

  • Special polymer eliminates static charging at cryogenic temperatures
  • Lid easily rotated with tweezers to give access to grids – no special tools required
  • Four individually numbered diamond-shaped slot positions for grids
  • Unique identification number on each box for error-free recognition of each sample
  • Unique ID label on lid – easy viewing during both storage and use
  • Standard size for all common Cryo-EM specimen mounting and storage devices
  • Low-cost pricing enables single use, thus giving each stored sample a truly unique identification number without any chance of mixing up specimens

Grid box dimensions

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