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Fibre reinforced plastic probes

Micro-Tec fibre reinforced plastic probes are practical, multi-purpose tools for positioning and handling of parts and components of soft or brittle materials. They are equally useful for specimen preparation applications. They are multifunctional with pointed, curved, flat and wide tips for probing, scraping, stirring, pushing, positioning, handling and scoping.

Fibre reinforced plastic probes are all offered as double-ended probes with shaped tips and body in three different styles:

  • Style 1 – Fine, pointed and flat strong tips with rounded body
  • Style 2 – Curved, fine point and strong flat tips with square body
  • Style 3 – Fine, flat sharp and large flat tips with squared body
  • Set – All three probe styles in one set

These probes are offered in three different material types to cover a wide range of applications including brittle and softer materials, magnetic materials and for use in chemical environments.

  •  CT: carbon fibre reinforced PVDF for softer materials and chemical resistance. ESD safe material for handling scratch-sensitive materials. Cleanroom compatible. High chemical resistance
  • CP: carbon-fibre reinforced PEEK for high temperature and abrasive applications
  • GN: glass fibre-reinforced polyamide66 for general purposes. Strong, wear -resistant and insulated

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Carbon fibre reinforced PVDF probes

Carbon fibre reinforced PEEK probes

Glass fibre reinforced polyamide66 probes