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Zerostat 3 anti-static gun

The Milty Zerostat 3 anti-static gun is an effective and professional tool to reduce and remove static charges from insulating surfaces.  It contains a piezo-electric crystal device with a trigger mechanism which generates positive and negative streams of ions. The Zerostat 3 includes a dual cycle operation: when the trigger is squeezed, positive ions are released, when the trigger is released, negative ions are generated.

The Zerostat 3 anti-static gun can remove or substantially reduce static charges on non-conductive surfaces. It can be used on plastics, glass, ceramics, films, lenses, grid boxes, storage boxes, microscope slides, etc. The Zerostat 3 can also be used to treat surfaces to prevent static charging for several hours. It can be used to treat TEM grid boxes before storing the TEM grids and for TEM ultramicrotomy applications. It also reduces the accumulation of dust on treated surfaces and is perfect for records and DVDs. Unlike anti-static sprays, using the Zerostat 3 does not leave any residue on surfaces making it ideal for microscopy applications.


Hold the Zerostat 3 instrument about 30 cm away from the surface and squeeze the trigger slowly to produce positive ions, a clicking sound is heard when ions are produced.  Release the trigger slowly and negative ions are produced. The ions cover an area with a diameter of approximately 40 cm and the charge generated is approximately 1.5 Coulomb. Zerostat 3 does not require batteries or a mains supply and is built to last 50,000 trigger cycles. The housing is made from durable blue ABS and there are no serviceable parts in the Zerostat 3.

It is supplied with a special ion indicator to test the unit – insert the indicator into the pistol, squeeze the handle gently and a red glow indicates the ion flow.

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