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Diaphragm vacuum pumps

Micro-Tec oil-less, dry diaphragm vacuum pumps provide a clean vacuum and do not emit any oil vapours. These pumps are maintenance free – no change of vacuum oil change or oil mist filter is needed. They are ideally suited for pumping vacuum containers, desiccators, or small ovens in a laboratory environment. Another useful application is degassing of embedding resins or other mixtures

These diaphragm vacuum pumps are designed for continuous operation and produce only a modest noise level (<50dB), with soft rubber vibration dampers providing further sound reduction. Other features include pressure gauges, ports and control valves.

There is a choice of three diaphragm vacuum pumps:

  • Single stage with 30L/min pumping speed and a maximum vacuum level of 150mbar
  • Single stage with 30L/min pumping speed and a maximum vacuum level of 150mbar and compressor stage up to 2.1 bar
  • Dual stage with 60L/min pumping speed and a maximum vacuum level of 50mbar

All pumps are fitted with a valve to adjust the pumping speed and vacuum level – very useful for degassing applications.

Micro-Tec oil-free diaphragm pumps:

  • Single stage dry diaphragm vacuum pump
  • Integrated vacuum gauge
  • Model MP850SC with integrated vacuum and pressure gauge
  • Stable pressure which can be adjusted by a valve
  • Space saving design with anti-vibration feet
  • 24 hours continuous duty cycle with moderate noise level
  • Portable
  • Clean vacuum – no oil vapour

Diaphragm pump specifications

Product Micro-Tec MP850S Micro-Tec MP850SC Micro-Tec MP950D
Product number 60-003840 60-003850 60-003950
Maximum vacuum 150mbar (-850mbar) 15 mbar (-850mbar) 50mbar (-950mbar)
Pumping speed 30L/min 30L/min 60L/min
Maximum pressure NA 30 psi / 2.1 bar NA
Vacuum gauge MPa / inches Hg MPa / inches Hg MPa / inches Hg
Pressure gauge NA Bar / PSI NA
Stages One One Two
Noise level at vacuum <50dB <50dB <50dB
Valves vacuum 2 x vacuum and at pressure <50dB
Hose connection Ø10 mm 2 x Ø10 mm Ø10 mm
Service temperature 5-40 °C 5-40 °C 5-40 °C
Power requirements 180W @ 230V/50Hz 180W @ 230V/50Hz 180W @ 230V/50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 250 x 135 x 24mm 250 x 135 x 24mm 350 x 135 x 240mm
Weight 7.8Kg 8Kg 10.5Kg

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