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RMC advanced substrate holder

RMC ASH2 is a multi-axis manipulation tool designed to precisely position substrates for the collection of ribbons of serial sections for array tomography. RMC ASH2 fits on to the knife holder of RMC PowerTome and Leica ultramicrotomes and is used in combination with DiATOME ultra jumbo diamond knives. It allows the collection and pickup of long ribbons of serial sections directly onto a choice of substrates which include glass slides, ITO coated coverslips and silicon wafers. By collecting hundreds of sections on one substrate it enables the transfer to a suitable SEM for fast and efficient array tomography imaging.

An optional mount enables it to be used on Leica UC6 and UC7 ultramicrotomes.

ASH2 can be used with a number of different diamond knives such as DiATOME histo, jumbo and ultra Jumbo 35 degree or 45 degree. (See: DiATOME knives)

We can also offer silicon wafers and wafer cleaving pliers  for the preparation of silicon substrates.

  • Holds substrates of various materials and sizes for ultrathin section collection
  • 3-axes of movement allows for precise alignment of the substrate
  • Ideal for the collection of hundreds of sections per substrate
  • Can be used with standard room temperature diamond knives or jumbo knives
  • Compatible with all current RMC and Leica ultramicrotomes
  • Used to efficiently collect and align ribbons of serial sections

ATY-1002. ASH2 Leica adapter clamp Ffor Leica models UC6 and UC7 knife holders
ASY-1026. Water level control system. Maintains constant water level in knife boat, automatically adjusting as required
GEN-1026. Large silicon wafer substrates 25 x 25mm, 1 pack of 13
GEN-1027. Silicon wafer substrates 10 x 25mm for standard knife boats, 1 pack of 13
GEN-1028. ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated glass substrates 25 x 25 mm, 1 pack of 13

Dimensions: 355mm x 355mm x 150mm
Gross weight: 2.3kg

RMC Boeckeler is a specialist manufacturer of ultramicrotomes, microtomes and related instruments for the TEM and LM markets with a history dating back to 1941.

Based in Tucson Arizona in the USA, RMC Boeckeler is a privately owned. Their instruments are used globally in many fields including materials science and cell biology, with special emphasis in specimen preparation for 3D electron microscopy solutions.

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