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Gold coated Si wafers and Si chips

Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafers and chips are useful for thin film research, AFM / SPM, nanotechnology and biotechnology applications. The silicon wafers and chips are coated with 50nm of pure gold over a 5nm adhesion layer of chromium. Both chromium and gold are deposited in a dedicated high vacuum deposition system using electron beam evaporation sources. The gold coating is not atomically flat – there are height differences in the nanometre range. The maximum use temperature is around 175°C – higher temperatures could result in delamination of the gold film.

Available in two silicon wafer sizes: Ø2”/51mm and Ø4”/100mm and Si chips 10 x 10mm. Nano-Tec gold coated wafers are individually packed in wafer carrier trays for protection. Nano-Tec gold coated Si chips are packed in a Gel-Pak box.



Coating film:   50nm gold, 99.999% purity
Adhesion film:   5nm chromium, 99.98% purity
Surface roughness:   several nm
Si substrate orientation:   <100>
 Type:     P (b) with one primary flat
 Resistance:  1-30 Ohm/cm
 Product number:  10-AU8120   10-AU8140  10-AU8106/10-AU8119
 Dimensions:   Ø51mm   Ø100mm  10 x 10mm
 Thickness:  275µm (+/- 20µm)   525µm (+/- 20µm)  525µm (+/- 20µm)
 TTV:   =< 20µm   =< 20µm
 Primary flat:  15.9 +/- 1.65mm   32.5 +/- 2.5mm


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