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Sputter coater targets

EM-Tec sputter coater targets are available in a wide range of metals with sizes to fit most makes and models of sputter coater.

We offer metal targets with high purity of 99.99% or very close to, to avoid artefacts during SEM imaging and especially with EDX analysis. Therefore, some sputtering targets can be relatively expensive due to the  high purity of the precious metals used.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we offer very competitive pricing on all sputter coater targets our prices will vary from time to time due to fluctuations of the market prices of metals. For this reason we do not display prices online but kindly ask that you contact us for a quotation.

To help you choose the right target for your sputter coater the table below lists the targets by size to fit your coater.  The popular sizes of 54mm and 57mm are listed first.

We have also listed the targets by metal. Metal selection guide

Sputter target selection

By coater make and model

Brand Model Diameter (Ø) mm
62 60 57 54 50 38 24 19
Agar Scientific/Cressington 108 manual, 108auto, 108auto, SE 208HR sputter coater. Available targets X
Bal-Tec SCD 005, 040, 050, 500, MED 010, MED 020 sputter coaters. Available targets. X
Bio-Rad / Emscope

SC500 and SC500A. Target metal mounted on 58mm diameter backing plate.

Available targets.

Bio-Rad SC5200 automatic sputter coater, SC502 mini sputter coater. Available targets. X
Cressington 108 manual, 108auto, 108auto, SE 208HR sputter coater. Available targets X
Cressington 308HR and 328UHR. Available targets. X
Denton Desk II, III, IV, V sputter coaters. Available targets. X
Edwards 150B and Scancoat sputter coaters. Available targets. X
Emitech SC7620, SC7610, K575X, Q150 sputter coaters. Available targets. X
K500X, K550X, K650X. Mounted on backing holders. Available targets. X
K575XD, K675X, K675XD turbo pumped sputter coaters. Available targets. X
EMS 150R, 300R, SC7620 sputter coaters. Available targets. X
Gatan 681, 682 PECS, 685 PECS II ion beam coaters. Available targets. X
Gatan/Hexland/Oxford  ALTO2500, ALTO2100 and CT1500 cryo-SEM systems. Available targets X
Hitachi Hitachi MC 1000 sputter coater. Available targets. X
HHV Ltd BT150, BT300 sputter coaters. Available targets. X
JEOL Smart Coater, JFC-1200, 1300, 1400, 1600, JFC-2300HR coaters. Available targets. X
Leica ACE 200, & 600, EM SCD 005, 050, 500 EM,MED 020 coaters. Available targets. X
Polaron, Bio-Rad, Fisons, VG, Thermo

PS3, E5000, E5200, E5400, 5800, SC7610, SC502, SC7620 rotary pumped sputter coaters.

Available targets

Quorum Q150R, Q150T, SC7620, Q300R, Q300T sputter coaters. Available targets. X
Quorum, Bio-rad, VG, Thermo E7400, LT7400, PP2000, PP3000, PP3010T cryo-SEM systems. Available targets. X
Safematic CCU-010 HV, CCU-010 LV sputter coaters. Available targets. X
SPI Supplies SPI Modular sputter coater. Available targets. X
SPI Super sputter coater. Available targets X


Ordering information:

EM-TEC sputter coater targets 57mm diameter

EM-TEC sputter coater targets: 54mm diameter

EM-TEC sputter targets: 60mm diameter

EM-TEC sputter targets: 62mm diameter

EM-TEC sputter targets: 50mm diameter

EM-TEC sputter targets: 38mm diameter

EM-TEC sputter targets: 24mm diameter