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AFM disc tweezers

    Micro-Tec AFM / SPM disc gripper tweezers are designed to pick up stainless steel AFM / SPM discs.

    The shape of the tips fits easily around the edge of the discs – ideal when picking up AFM/SPM discs from a flat surface after mounting a specimen. The tips are not coated and have straight, fine edges for a better grip. Available for the popular Ø12mm and Ø15mm AFM/SPM discs. Made from anti-magnetic stainless steel with a satin surface, 115mm long.

    The material used for manufacturing the Micro-Tec AFM / SPM disc gripper tweezers is a selected grade of non-magnetic AISI 304.

    • AISI 304 is an austenitic stainless steel (DIN 1.4301, X 5 CrNi 18-10) and is the most common type of stainless steel
    • Contains 18-20 wt% chromium and contains significant amounts of nickel as additional alloy component
    • Normally non-magnetic, but becomes slightly magnetic when cold worked
    • Cannot be hardened by heat treatment
    • Can be work hardened, annealing is recommended for relieving stress
    • Good corrosion resistance to most solvents, salts and moderate acids
    • Generally used where corrosion resistance is a requirement
    • Typical applications include as tweezers for microscopy, electronic industry, fine mechanics and laboratory

    General composition of AISI 304
    Element  Wt. %
    C                 ≤0.08
    Cr               18.0 – 20.0
    Ni               8.0 – 10.5
    Mn             ≤2.0
    Si                ≤1.0
    P                 ≤0.045
    S                 ≤0.03
    Fe               Balance

    Properties of AISI 304

    Mechanical Properties
    State Annealed
    Density 8.0 g/cm3
    Hardness Brinell 123
    Hardness Rockwell B 70
    Hardness Vickers 129
    Tensile strength, ultimate 505 MPa
    Tensile strength, yield 215 MPa
    Yield stress, o.2% ≤200 Mpa
    Elongation until break 70%
    Modulus of Elasticity 195 GPa
    Poisson’s ratio 0.29
    Thermal Properties
    Coefficient of thermal linear expansion 17.3 x 10-6 /°C   (20-100°C)
    Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 17.8 x 10-6/°C    (20-300°C)
    Specific heat capacity 0.50 J/(g.K)
    Thermal conductivity 16.2W/(m.K)
    Continuous use (service) temperature 325°C
    Maximum service temperature (short) 870°C
    Electrical Properties
    Resistivity 0.72 x 10-4 Ohm.cm

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