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RMC cryosectioning for material sciences

RMC MT990 rotary microtome combines with the RMC CR1000 to provide a powerful tool for cutting thin sections from various soft materials. This unique combination comprises a low temperature cryo chamber, designed to operate with liquid nitrogen cooling. A variety of materials which would be impossible to cut at room temperature can easily be prepared. Soft polymers and rubbers are among the main specimens prepared using the MT990/ CR1000. It can also be used to prepare sections and for ‘cryo-planing’ to produce high quality flat surfaces.

Applications cover a broad spectrum of light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy applications, including:

  • Materials research
  • Forensic science
  • Biological applications
  • Product development
  • Product testing
  • Quality control

For samples requiring an inert atmosphere for preparation, the cryo chamber is flooded with gaseous nitrogen, or for certain samples, argon can be used for the cooling/atmosphere. 

Technical specifications:

  • Section thickness 0.25um to 30 um
  • Cutting stroke operation – motorised and manual
  • Stackable control units – space saving and convenient
  • Large chamber for ease of specimen handling
  • Removable chamber easily returns to room temperature work
  • 12 litre tabletop dewar uses little space, easy to refill, up to 7 hours before refill
  • Temperature range +40 C to -160 C with stability of +/- 0.1 C
  • Knife holders for wet or dry cryo diamond knives, triangular tungsten carbide knives and glass knives from 6mm to 12mm wide
  • Specimen holders supplied with a 10mm flat specimen holder for blocks and films
  • 2mm, 3mm and 6.5mm pins
  • Also accommodates standard ultramicrotomy holders
  • Knife rotation: +/- 15 degrees by a knob on the outside of the chamber

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