DiATOME Trim Diamond Knives Range

DiATOME diamond trim knives are specially designed for trimming the block face and sides prior to sectioning with ultra and cryo diamond knives. Each knife has three sharp edges for trimming blocks and specimens at different angles. The front leading edge is used first to trim a high quality blockface, before the two side edges are used to trim the block sides. The specimen block is then rotated through 90 degrees to trim the remaining sides to prodce a block shape for optimal sectioning.

DiATOME diamond trim knives fulfil all trimming requirements, allowing rapid and accurate trimming at both ambient and cryo temperatures. Due to the sharpness and durability of DiATOME trim knives there is reduced mechanical damage to the specimen block during trimming. This results in a very shiny block face and precise sides, especially beneficial when serial sectioning is required. The use of trim knives also eliminates the risk of tiny glass or metal fragments being left in the block face from trimming with glass knives or razor blades.

We endevour to offer DiATOME diamond trim knives at the very best prices. Please contact us for a quotation.

The DiATOME  trim knives