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Samdri®795 critical point dryer

SKU: 8778B

Tousimis Samdri®-795 semi-automatic critical point dryer. Consisting of:- Simple push-button operation controlindicator LEDs signal every mode of operation at a glance- Precise flow control for inlet, cooling, purging, venting and bleed using Vernier-controlled micro metering valves- Process chamber (31.75mm I.D. x 31.75mm depth), with viewing window and bottom-mounted light- Integrated automatic temperature control (fast adiabatic chamber cooling with CO2). Temperature gauge range: -30°C to 60°CInternal filtration – protects specimens and valves down to 0.5µm- Tough, solvent resistant cabinet: 33.6cm (W) x 26cm (H) x 54.6.cm (L)Flexible high-pressure braided stainless steel inert Teflon® lined LCO2 supply hose, 1.5m long LCO2 filter assembly (8784) removes water/oil and particulates down to 0.5µm. – Static-free exhaust tubing for the PURGE/VENT/BLEED and COOL exhaust outletsspare chamber O-ring, chamber lamps and 5A slo-blow fuses – User manual and check-out data sheet