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CCU-010 LV (standard vacuum)

SKU: 100000

Safematic CCU-010 LV compact, fully automatic standard vacuum coating system. Including dual-position terminating film thickness monitoring system. Please note that for a complete working system the CCU-010LV requires the following: backing rotary vacuum pump (A65201903), oil mist filter (A46226000) and pumping hose (C10514297). Select coating head option SP-010 (sputteringing), CT-010 (carbon evaporation) or both. Select required sputtering target(s). Detailed description: • glass work chamber- 104 mm Ø x 106 mm (DN 100 ISO-KF compatible)• implosion guard and safety monitoring• table (Ø 80 mm) – tilt and height adjustable • multi-sample holder for 20 standard (13 mm) pin stubs to meet most requirements• film thickness monitor (FTM) based on a quartz crystal oscillator- usable in two positions (centre/edge)• full range power supply (90-260VAC- 50/60Hz)• coating process head interface (gas and electric) including automatic detection• 5.7“ TFT touch display• recipe-driven user interface for guaranteed reproducible results• storage / view of the last ten coating processes• automatic vent of the system when power failures – prevents backstreaming of oil from the rotary pump• intuitive operator’s software• graphic display of process data with Windows-based software Coating LAB (option)• flange connection (KF25) for connection of an external roughing pump• external alarm connector• USB service interface for easy analysis and software upgrades• automatic valve control for two process gases and venting• operating manual