CCU-010 HV (high vacuum)

SKU: 100001

The Safematic CCU-010 HV vacuum coater is suitable for both SEM and TEM sputter coating and carbon coating applications.


Safematic CCU-010 HV compact, fully automatic, high vacuum (oil-free) coating system. Key highlights:

  • Integrated turbomolecular and membrane pumping (no external pump and vacuum hose)
  • Small footprint (L 570 x W 360 x H 350mm)
  • Superb vacuum performance (to 5 x 10-5mbar in minutes, ultimate vacuum in 10-6mbar range)
  • Safety: implosion guard with placement sensor so coater cannot be operated unless the guard is in place
  • Easy access to specimen chamber for cleaning – removed in seconds for complete complete cleaning. Especially important if sputtering and carbon evaporation are being used
  • Integrated terminating film thickness monitoring system. With two-location crystal holder to accommodate different sample sizes
  • Optional sputtering module (SP010) is actively (fan) cooled to allow run times of up to 40 minutes
  • Optional carbon evaporation module (CT010) uses a unique carbon fibre spooling system to allow up to 50 coating runs without a source change
  • System can be left under vacuum when not in use.

Note: for a complete working system please select coating head option SP-010 (sputtering), CT-010 (carbon evaporation) or both. Detailed description:

  • glass work chamber 104 mm Ø x 106 mm (DN 100 ISO-KF compatible)
  • implosion guard and safety monitoring
  • table (Ø80 mm)- tilt and height adjustable
  • multi-sample holder for 20 standard (13 mm) pin stubs to meet most requirements
  • dual-film thickness monitor (FTM) based on a quartz crystal oscillator- usable in two positions (centre/edge)
  • integrated membrane pump (Vacuubrand MD 1 Vario-SP)
  • integrated turbomolecular pump (Pfeiffer Hi Pace 80)
  • full range power supply (90-260VAC- 50/60Hz)
  • coating process head interface (gas and electric) including automatic detection
  • 5.7“ TFT touch display
  • recipe-driven user interface for guaranteed reproducible results
  • storage / view of the last ten coating processes
  • automatic vent of the system when power failures
  • intuitive operator’s software
  • graphic display of process data with Windows-based software Coating LAB (option)
  • external alarm connector
  • USB service interface for easy analysis and software upgrades
  • automatic valve control for two process gases and venting
  • operating manual
  • A comprehensive on-site instrument service prior to the expiration of warranty.

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