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Autosamdri 815B Series A large capacity fully automatic critical point dryer

SKU: 8780B

Autosamdri 815B- Series A large capacity fully automatic critical point dryer.
The large (114.3mm ID) specimen chamber is ideal for critical point drying large or numerous small specimens. Details and features:
Extra-large chamber (114.3mm ID) for large or numerous small specimens.
Fully automatic critical point drying.
Indicator LEDs signal every mode of operation at a glance- Vernier metering valves.
Internal surfaces inert to LCO2 and ultra-pure alcohols.
Teflon inserts to save reagents when processing small sample volumes.
Integrated automatic temperature control of the critical point drying process.
Static pressure control module.
Top-mounted valves for easy loading/unloading of process chamber.
Internal filtration – protects specimens and valves down to 0.5µm.
Tough, solvent resistant cabinet, bottom-lit chamber with viewing port to aid visualisation of chamber and specimens.
Fast adiabatic chamber cooling with CO2.
Reliable, advanced solid state electronics.
Safe operation – fitted with rupture disk (activates @ 2000 psi) and pressure relief valve (activates @ 1250-1350 PSI).
SOTER™ condenser – captures waste alcohol and reduces exhaust noise.