DiATOME Histo Diamond Knives Range

DiATOME histo diamond knives provide a long cutting edge (4.0mm, 6.0mm and 8.0 mm) for the highest possible quality sections for light microscopy in life sciences and material sciences applications. All histo and histo Jumbo knives have a 45° angle.

DiATOME  histo Jumbo knives with their extra large boats are particularly well suited for serial sectioning and arranging sections before pick up.

DiATOME histo knives are designed for the sectioning of hard and soft specimens – non-embedded or embedded in acrylic or epoxy resins. DiATOME histo knives can be used on all ultramicrotomes as well as on histology microtomes with retraction of the specimen arm on the upward return stroke. They should be set with a clearance angle of 6° on the knife stage.

DiATOME histo Cryo knives are designed for sectioning at low temperature for light microscopy, particularly in material sciences applications on a microtome such as the RMC MT990 fitted with cryo chamber.

A resharpening service is provided for all DiATOME histo knives. Please see our resharpening page for further details.

The DiATOME  histo knives