Perfect loop

Perfect loop allows the collection of TEM sections – consistently and without damage.

It is the only loop currently available where the external diameter is the same as the grid and the internal diameter slightly larger than the observed area in the electron microscope – optimal for reproducible collection and transfer of ultrathin TEM sections. Perfect loop has a thickness of about 40 microns.

Due to the fact that the loop and the grid are of the same diameter they are attracted to one another when in water and are drawn together by the surface tension of the water. Even if the section touches the inside of the grid during blotting the area of contact is minor and, therefore,  sections are not damaged.

When the grid is removed from the loop the sections always remain in place – on the grid.

Using Perfect loop – ambient

For easy section pick up and mounting on EM grids: Have your cleaned grids sitting on clean filter paper in a Petri dish. Ensure the ribbon of sections is short enough to fit inside the loop.

Using Perfect loop – cryo

Cryo sectioning: Pick up and mount on grids with sucrose or sucrose/methyl-cellulose.