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Tergeo-EM tabletop plasma cleaner


Tergeo-EM is a unique design of plasma cleaner and a truly versatile instrument for EM laboratory plasma cleaning and surface modification applications. It incorporates two plasma sources to enable both immersion and downstream plasma cleaning modes in one compact instrument.


Tergeo-EM tabletop plasma cleaner, consisting of:

  • Thick wall quartz tube (5mm thick) with inner diameter of 110mm and outer diameter of 120mm and with a depth of 280mm.
  • Direct/immersion and downstream/remote plasma sources in one system.
  • Plasma emission sensor for quantitative plasma emission intensity measurement.
  • 75W 13.56MHz high frequency RF supply, adjustable from 1 to 75W at 1w intervals.
  • Auto-tuning of the immersion plasma source and fixed matching of the downstream plasma source.
  • CW and pulsed plasma. Duty ratio adjustable from 1/255 to 255/255 (CW).
  • 7-inch resistive LCD industrial touchscreen controller.
  • Fully automatic operation with 20 recipe support.
  • Job sequence mode operation for executing three cleaning steps.
  • Two mass flow controller (MFC) regulated gas inputs (which can support up to three MFC upon request).
  • Corrosion resistant Pirani pressure sensor.
  • Venting/purging port with electronic solenoid valve (1/4” Swagelock compression fitting).
  • Pumping port with electronic shutoff valve and standard NW/KF25 vacuum port.
  • Quartz internal sample holder with holes for standard SEM pin stubs.
  • Tergeo-EM stainless steel front cap.
  • Two TEM rod adaptors which can be configured as the combination of any of the TEM manufacturers.