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RXS-10PD test standard

SKU: 36-000710

EM-Tec RXS-10PD peak deconvolution test standard includes 10 reference compounds and a 200um aperture copper Faraday cup. All mounted in a compact diam.12.7mm standard aluminium pin stub.

Intended appilcation is for testing EDS and WDS spectrometer performance and as reference with overlapping materials.

Reference materials: Molybdenite (MoS2), Zinkenite (Pb9Sb22S42), Galena (PbS), Cinnabar (HgS), Wulfrenite (PbMoO4), Benitoite (BaTiSiO9), Galkhaite ((Cs,Tl)(Hg, Cu, Zn)6(As)4S12+trace Sb, Kleinite (Hg2N(ClSO4).n(H2O), Kosnarite (KZr(PO)3) and Enargite (Cu3AsS4). 200um copper Faraday cup.