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ProbeWorkstation with six probes and current imaging module

SKU: SY-PW6plus-000

ProbeWorkstation with Six Probes and Current Imaging Module – A powerful- dedicated probing solution — for in-situ or ex-situ. The system is comprised of six of the latest generation of probers (MM4-EM) mounted on a load-lock compatible platform with an integrated super-flat three-axis substage. The system is capable of low-current- low-capacity measurements and is enhanced by the Advanced Probing Tools software and hardware suite. The APT suite includes the Live Contact Tester- Safe Tip Approach- Tip2Tip Tester- Fast Transistor Characterisation- a Tip Cleaning module- Keithley remote control- an EBIC/EBAC amplifier- a Current Imaging module- as well as iProbe – all of which are operated from a unified graphic user interface installed on the included PC which is accessed using the microscope’s peripherals. A vacuum flange and vacuum feedthrough- a full rack- 18 pre-cleaned- individually vacuum packed probe tips with 150 nm tip radius and system documentation are also included.