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LN Ultra cryosectioning system

SKU: CRY-1003

LN Ultra cryosectioning system to be mounted on Powertome ultramicrotome models PTXL, PTPC and PTPCZ (not included). The LN Ultra provides optimal thermal stability necessary for producing cryosections.

May not be compatible with older Powertome models – if an LN Ultra is being purchased to be used with a previously purchased Powertome, we will require the serial number of the Powertome in order to determine it’s compatibility. Users with a non-compatible Powertome will require the additional purchase of the current model of the Powertome controller (ASY-1018) in order to operate the LN Ultra with their Powertome.

Purchase of an LN Ultra includes attendance for one person to the popular Cryo In The Sun course within 12 months of purchase (contact Labtech for details).