Bugbox M

Comapct microaerophilic and anaerobic workstation

The Baker Ruskinn Bugbox provides stable anaerobic conditions to grow and monitor facultative anaerobic microbes in a compact and affordable workstation. Bugbox M features the ICONIC gas mixer, ensuring accurate control of oxygen levels for microaerophilic cultures

Precision Control
Ideal growth conditions with sophisticated control of humidity, temperature and the anaerobic environment. Bugbox M includes an ICONIC gas mixer for microaerophiles

Compact Footprint
800 x 660 mm footprint to fit into even the smallest laboratory

Lower cost per plate than traditional anaerobic jars

Ezeeyin Glove Ports
Fast entry (15-20 seconds) for one or both hands without compromising the chamber environment

Optional Single Plate Entry System
‘Post’ additional plates into the system with ease

Fast Interlock
The shortest interlock time in the industry (15 seconds for Bugbox and Bugbox M) speeds up your workflow


Workstation Capacity (90mm plates) – 270 plates – Bugbox / Bugbox M; 234 plates – Bugbox Plus

Interlock Capacity (90mm plates) -10 plates – Bugbox / Bugbox M ; 18 plates – Bugbox Plus

Interlock Purge Times – 15 seconds – Bugbox / Bugbox M; 35 seconds – Bugbox Plus

Dimensions (W × D × H) – 800 × 660 × 650 mm Bugbox / Bugbox M; 830 x 660 x 650 Bugbox Plus

  • Affordable – Low cost per plate
  • Quick and Easy Transfer – Identify microbes up to 24 hours faster
  • Aquasorb – Effective humidity control without contamination
  • Compact – Accurate control in a compact system
  • Bugbox / BugBox M – 270 plate chamber (200 working) and 10 plate interlock capacity
  •  Bugbox Plus – 234 plate chamber (180 working) and 18 plate interlock capacity
Standard Specification Includes
  • Detox advanced carbon filtration system
  • EzeeSleeve direct hand entry system
  • Humidity control using Aquasorb
  • Energy saving fluorescence lighting with spot inspection lamp
  • Low gas alarm
  • ‘No bake’ Palladium catalyst
  • Anaerobic indicator strips for visible indication of anoxic conditions
  • RT +5 up to 45 degrees C temperature control
  • Standard dual gas operation for low gas consumption and running costs
  • Internal shelf
  • 3 petri dish holders
  • Vacuum line port
  • Cable gland port
  • Gas sample port
  • Internal power socket
  • Workstation stand
  • Data logging connection
  • Single plate entry system (SPES)

Bugbox M uses the ICONIC gas mixer to provide:

  • One touch oxygen sensor calibration
  • Oxygen control from 0-23% in 0.1% increments
  • Carbon dioxide control from 0.1-30% in 0.1% increments
  • Cycle up to 4 different oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in a user defined sequence