Second generation electrophoretic tissue clearing system

The Logos Biosystems X-Clarity provides a complete solution to tissue clearing with unprecedented speed, flexibility and consistency

Fast Clearing
Optimised protocols and hardware enable unprecented speed of lipid removal. Clear a whole mouse brain in as little as 6 hours

Unrivalled Versatility
Clear everything from Arabidopsis to Zebrafish. Challenging samples such as bone, spinal cord and plants have been cleared successfully with the system

Easy To Follow Workflow
Optimised protocols to follow step by step. A complete infrastructure of hardware and reagents provides consistent results

Minimal Hands-On Time
Clear a typical sample without the need for extensive monitoring. Incubations, polymerisation and clearing take place whilst you carry on with your other labwork

A Proven Method
Based on the pioneering work of the Deisseroth lab in Stanford. The X-Clarity has become the system of choice for leading research institutes and pharma globally

Preserve intrinsic fluorescence or choose to use immunolabelling after clearing. Image using confocal, multi-photon or Lightsheet microscopes


Fast and reproducible clearing – Save time and precious samples
Versatile – Clear the broadest range of sample types
Safe – No need for hazardous solvents
Plug and play – Easy to set up and operate
Compatible – Use with a range of imaging platforms/approaches

Hydrogel Infusion

  • After fixation in PFA samples are incubated in Hydrogel at 4 degrees C
  • The Logos X-Clarity Hydrogel Solution Kit provides easy to use and high quality reagents for this crucial stage of the process


  • After hydrogel infusion, samples are polymerised by removing oxygen and heating to 37 degrees C
  • The X-Clarity Polymerisation System provides an easy to use and reproducible means of ensuring correct polymerisation
  • Integrated vacuum pump and accurate heating ensures the optimal environment
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface allows settings to be optimised if required
  • Two heating block positions with choice of blocks for either 50 ml conical tubes or SBS microplates

Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing

  • The X-Clarity uses uni
  • Innovative technology ensures fast and efficient lipid removal
  •  Peltier based temperature control preserves precious samples
  • Innovative chamber design for reproducible clearing
  • Integrated peristaltic pump for buffer recirculation
  • Colour touchscreen interface with choice of active or passive modes
  • A wide selection of optimised sample holders


  • For samples with intrinsic fluorescence it is possible to proceed straight to mounting and imaging
  •  The New DeepLabel kit helps to ensure bright and efficient immunolabelling


  • X-Clarity Mounting media accurately matches the refractive index of the sample
  • Preserves and optimises fluorescence signal




User Manual