Vilber PADs

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Transilluminator PADs

For over 60 years Vilber Lourmat have been at the forefront of UV technology. Their transilluminators have an unrivalled reputation for their build quality and performance. Vilber have launched a range of plug and play transilluminator PADs compatible with their latest gel documentation and Fusion blot imaging systems.

  • A range of UV or LED based PADs to suit your application needs
  • Unique Super-Bright UV technology (TF-26.MX model) absorbs visible light from the UV tubes enhancing sensitivity and image contrast
  • SkyLight blue LED technology (TFS-20 SkyLight) provides optimal sensitivity for a range of Safe nucleic acid stains
  • Blue or white light conversion screens available to use with UV, Super-Bright or SkyLight PADs
  • White-PAD utilises powerful white LEDs for high quality imaging of stained protein gels