Foetal Bovine Serum (South America)- Dialysed

South American Origin 500ml

We offer free of charge 50ml samples (subject to availability at time of inquiry) and hold non-obligatory reserves while your tests are in place. After completion of the tests, we will hold a reservation of your chosen batch for 12-18 months dependent upon your requirements. Goods are typically sent on a next-day service with dry ice.

Need to test sample prior to purchase? Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 20 x 500ml for this product

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All the sera is processed in a certified ISO9001 facility and most origins of FBS sold are also EDQM certified
Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is derived from coagulated whole blood, collected from the fetus by cardiac puncture. The blood is immediately centrifuged and the serum is frozen for transfer to our treatment facilities. Upon receipt at the processing plant, the serum is thawed, tested for acceptability, collected and passed through three sterilization filters of 100 nm (0.1 μm). The serum is bottled by an asceptic filling process.
Complete traceability assured
All of our batches have complete traceability. The labelling system is computerised and ensures clarity from batch to batch. Every batch is monitored throughout the entire process, from production though to final packaging. The geographical origin is indicated on the certificate of analysis which accompanies each delivery of Foetal bovine serum.
Quality control tests
All sera are rigorously tested for sterility, mycoplasmas, viruses (BVD, IBR and PI3). Every batch is also tested for its ability to withstand cell growth in vitro, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency on the following cell lines:
HeLa, L929, SP2 / O-AG14, MRC-5. Certified and specially certified sera are go though a battery of additional tests including endotoxin, chemical components, protein electrophoresis and radial immunodiffusion.
BSE tested

Donors of European origin are tested for BSE before treatment in accordance with European Regulation 999/2001. All animals tested are BSE negative.