Blue Pippin Instrument

Pulsed-field automated DNA size selection system

The Sage Science product portfolio combines pre-cast agarose cassettes with a high-precision, automated solution for the accurate and targeted size-selection of DNA fragments for library construction in NGS workflows

Facilitates library construction for commonly used short-read (including the Illumina iSeq 100, MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq, NovaSeq, Ion Torrent PYRO 454) and long-read (Oxford Nanopore and PACBIO) NGS platforms.

The integration of pulse-field capabilities enables the accurate size selection of DNA fragments from 100bp up to 50kb

Increased Compatibility
Sample elutes into a buffer-filled well that is compatible with all downstream applications (including NGS, PCR and ddPCR)

Minimal Physical Manipulation Required
Automation significantly reduces mechanical shearing and breakage of DNA, thus preserving large DNA fragment lengths for Oxford NanoPore and PACBIO workflows

Dye-free Agarose Gel Cassettes
Pre-cast cassettes are free from SYBER and EtBr interclating dyes, thus eliminating the need for subsequent sample clean-up

Eliminates Contamination
Sample Lanes within the pre-cast agarose cassettes are physically separated to eliminate cross-contamination between samples

Downstream Application Compatibility
Compatible with a plethora of applications, including paired-end sequencing, emPCR, RNAseq, ChiPseq, RADseq, mate-pair sequencing, single-molecule sequencing and bar-coded linked reads


Instrument control – Built-in hard drive

Minimum sample amount/lane – 15 ng

Maximum sample amount/lane – 5 µg*

Electrophoresis voltage – 25V, 100V or 150V constant, 100 V pulse field

Optical detection – 470 nm excitation, 525 nm emission

Power requirements – 100-250 VAC, 2.5 A, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions – 7h x 11w x 21d (in), 18h x 28 w x53d (cm)

Weight – 7. kg (15 lbs.)

* 10 µg when using the High Pass PLUS cassettes


  • Automated size selection
  • Eliminates operator-dependent variability
  • Short-read and long-read NGS library construction
  • Selects inserts from 100bp to 50kb
  • Eliminates contamination
  • Removal of adaptor dimers and PCR primer dimers
  • Compact design
  • Reduced footprint and saves valuable bench space