Pu·MA System 3D

Automated 3D Cell-Based Assay Technology

The Pu·MA System 3D, consisting of the Pu·MA System and 3D Flowchips, automates assays for 3D cell models such as organoids, tumoroids or spheroids. The system maintains the organoids in a unique sample chamber that allows easy media, metabolite or reagent exchanges for oncology, drug testing, labelling, toxicology, or metabolomics research. This open platform enables multiparametric data collection from single organoid samples.

  • Automated “hands-off” workflow for complex assay protocols
  • Protected sample chamber to prevent organoid damage
  • Perform in situ media exchanges, compound additions and supernatant sampling
  • Compatible with high content imaging and plate reader systems

Types of assay steps that can be performed:

  • Multiparameter spheroid based Oncology assay (including primary, iPSC and patient derived tumoroids)
  • Immunofluorescence staining of 3D structures of high content imaging
  • Metabolite analysis
  • Sequential Drug Addition and downstream Analysis

In situ sampling

  • Cell Viability Assays
  • Functional Assays
  • Analysis of Matrigel grown organoid assays
  • 2º toxicology screening and HIT profiling


3D Flowchips are consumables that are to be used with the Pu·MA System. The Flowchips are specially designed for microfluidic reagent exchange. They are available in configuration of 4 Flowchips. Researchers can use between 1 to 4 Flowchips per assay run. They are compatible with standard multi-channel pipettes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Open platform for complex assay protocols
  • Connected sample wells for microfluidic reagent exchange
  • Protected sample chamber prevents damage to 3D cell structures
  • Thin optically clear bottom compatible with imaging and plate-reader systems (SLAS ANSI standard 384-well spacing)

flowchip Pu.ma flowchip

The Pu·MA System has been designed to automate assays using our proprietary 3D technology. It is used with the Pu·MA System 3D Flowchips. This system can fit inside any standard cell culture incubator or workstation and maintains the 3D cell models under physiological conditions while the assay steps are in progress, which reduces stress and damage to the cells

Features & Benefits

  • Automated “hands-off” steps for complex assay protocols
  • Valve-less fluid exchange
  • Intuitive touchscreen to access protocols
  • Easy to use and maintain









Protein Fluidics Pu∙Ma System Fluid Transfer

Protected Sample Chamber Pu∙MA System Flowchips

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